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hairspray_rp's Journal

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Character List

Edna Turnblad
Velma Von Tussle velma_vontussle / vibrant velma - played by Carina vintageromances
Wilbur Turnblad
Penny Pingleton pennypingle / pigtail penny - played by Kara poolsides
Corny Collins hes_corny / BetterThanHrspry - played by Ang angelkaizer
Motormouth Maybelle iknowwhereibeen / IKnowWhereIBeen - played by Kat katharospistis
Amber Von Tussle misshairspray / fabulous amber - played by Trisha secretwhispers
Link Larkin imladieschoice / dontdentthedo - played by Kait supkaitrooney
Seaweed seaweedstubbs / babyletsbebold - played by Cassie beautifulovexo
Tracy Turnblad missturnblad / drummerinsideme - played by Rachel drama_chick07
Little Inez lil_inez / lil miss inez - played by Jo jo__angel

Original Characters

Vicky Dawson notickyvicky / NicestVicky - played by Lindsey tf_4_life_476
Tammy Alexander t_ammy / tamalexdancer - played by Jen classictrilogy

APPLICATION -- post your application here.
Character you wish to play:
Example of your role-playing in FIRST PERSON:
Example of your role-playing in THIRD PERSON:

If you want to create an original character add in this part..
Mini-biography of your character:

1. Audition before joining plz kthnx.
2. Update your character's journal at least once a week & comment on the other character's entries as much as you can. If you are unable to update, post an entry in THIS community explaining why you are unable to update. If you don't do this and you don't post for three weeks, one of us will give you a warning, and you may be removed from the role play. Being active in this community is very important.
3. pLz dnT tYpE LyK dIs..it's annoying kthnx.
4. Don't make a journal or AIM screen name for your character until you've been accepted.
5. Any major plots (like character deaths, or moving, etc.) must be approved by a mod first.
6. If you want your character to interact with another character make sure to clear it out with the person playing the character first.
7. We will set up AIM chats and party posts in the community maybe once or twice a week. Please try to be active in those as well.

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